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Because of Logan exists to honor the life of Logan, through swim safety awareness, education, training and to support families who have endured a loss through childhood drowning. In order to fulfil our mission, we encourage Infant Swim Resource (ISR) Self-Rescue® technique swim lessons. It is our mission to help families who can’t afford these lessons by granting scholarships for those who qualify all across the United States.

Scholarships are reserved for families who truly cannot afford lessons. Qualifying families will be responsible for the registration fee due upon enrollment. This fee will be reimbursed to the family upon successful completion of the program. Each family will be asked to commit to a financial contribution toward the lessons. This amount will depend on your individual financial situation.

ISR lessons begin with a 6-week program requiring a 10-minute time commitment daily (Monday – Friday) for the entire duration of the 6 weeks. We ask that before you fill out the application below you are ready and able to dedicate the time to classes. Failure to attend classes will result in the loss of your scholarship.

Your application must be complete, including all required documentation, in order for us to review your request.

We ask that if you have not spoken with your local ISR instructor that you first visit the website and find the closest instructor that can accommodate your schedule.


Scholarship Recipients

Below are some of the wonderful families Logan has blessed. Not all families are listed below, as they have chosen to stay anonymous. 

Hello… We are the Derksen-Shafer Family. We are a blended family from New Port Richey, FL. Dan and I have been married for almost 4 years. Noah (11), Bella (9) and Maci (5) are from my previous marriage, which ended abruptly with the loss of their father to a boating accident. Rogan (3) is our last child and a very special one. We had quite an eventful first year, in and out of the hospital with him but thankfully he is doing much better now. Rogan has a couple of health and developmental delays. He has Speech Apraxia, a bleeding disorder and Hemiplegia. The left side of his body does not work as well as the right side and this was caused by Hydrocephalus when he was born. We have a pool at our home and have always wondered what swimming/water safety would look like for Rogan. With the help of the Because of Logan scholarship and the ISR lessons, we will soon have more knowledge and peace of mind when around water activities. Thank you and we are blessed that Logan’s legacy gets to play a part in our life!

Hello, we are the Elias family. Chris and I have been married for almost 14 years and we have 4 beautiful children, Colton (12), Cohen (😎, Cooper (4) and Addilyn (22 months). Water safety has always been a concern for me, however after 2 friend’s devastatingly lost their babies due to drowning I learned that drowning could happen to anyone. I learned a minute is all it takes. Anytime we are near water, I experience extreme anxiety, sometimes debilitating. For that reason, we often don’t attend water events. My husband and I have desired to do the ISR training with our young children for peace of mind. With the scholarship from Because of Logan, that is now possible!! I’m overjoyed that Logan’s legacy is the reason my children will receive the gift of water safety.

23 years ago when my little sister was just 3 she was found floating in the pool on her back. No one even knew she was missing. One of my parents happened to walk outside to put something away and saw her. Ever since that day, I was a teenager at the time, I knew the importance of swim lessons and decided I would have all my kids have them.

After our first son turned 6 months I signed him up for lessons at a near by pool. After 6 months of weekly visits all he could do was blow bubbles in the water. Then we tried the community summer program and he still couldn’t float. I moved him to another local swim school that was highly suggested but they focused on teaching him the strokes of swimming. My son was now two and I wasn’t confident with his ability to float and save himself after all our lessons.

Then I heard about ISR. It was a game changer!

Within weeks my son could float all on his own. At first I was worried about the expense of the ISR lessons. But then I calculated all the money we spent over the 6 months at one of the previous swim schools and compared that to the 6 weeks of ISR. Turns out, the cost was about the same. Since then all of my kids have taken ISR. I still stay very vigilant whenever we are around water, but it’s a comfort to know if something were to happen they have the skills to give them the best chance to save their lives. I recommend ISR to everyone who is looking for swim lessons.

Hi! We are Jordan, Kaitlin, Callen (7), Ellison (4), and Alden (1) Szozda.
We live in Perrysburg, OH, and we feel so honored to receive the Because of Logan scholarship. ISR is so important to us because we spend a lot of our summertime visiting grandparents near the water. Our two oldest kids are ISR graduates, and we’ve felt immense peace of mind knowing they are equipped with life-saving skills. They will both quickly tell you that they would “rolly-polly starfish” should they ever fall in the water and feel scared.
With summer approaching, we know how badly Alden needs to begin his ISR journey. He’s our water-loving wild child who mimics his older siblings at every opportunity–even falling into the bathtub recently because he was so eager to get in and splash like his sister. Alden also has a medical diagnosis that has affected us considerably. Around his first birthday, he was diagnosed with severe neutropenia. An extended fever revealed that he has a rare autoimmune neutropenia problem where his body kills his own neutrophils, and this makes him less able to fight viruses and bacteria. When he gets a fever, he must be assessed to make sure he has enough neutrophils to fight off the given sickness. If he doesn’t, he is hospitalized and given IV-strength antibiotics. Alden has been doing so much better since the months immediately following his diagnosis. But, I’ve taken a year-long leave of absence from my school counseling job to keep him home and away from sickness as much as possible. Without this scholarship, ISR would be completely out of reach for us at this time. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for selecting us! God bless you!
Hi, this is us. Jacob, Shelby and Vincent.
Jacob & I have been together since 2016, and married since December of 2019! We are originally from Toledo, Ohio, but Jacob is in the Marine Corp, and we are currently stationed at Camp Lejeune, in Jacksonville, North Carolina.
In May of 2020 we welcomed Vincent into the world. He is the light of our lives! Vin is very independent and such a big helper! His favorite things to do are play outside, go for walks, build with blocks and spend time with mommy and daddy.
ISR has always been an interest of ours since having Vincent. I know how important these lessons are and how they have saved many children’s lives. With living on the coast, most of our summer days consist of pool & beach trips. Vincent is one curious little guy and with being a military family we are always around bodies of water and also have family members with pools. With that I am always aware, and Vincent is always with one of us or in our sight.
Water safety is important to me because drowning is the #1 cause of death in infants and young children and it is preventable. Though we are always around when Vin is by water, terrible accidents can happen, and I want the added protection of the survival skills of ISR for our little boy.
We are so thankful for Because of Logan’s Scholarship helping our family to be able to provide these life changing lessons for Vincent.