No Fear Jump

A new theme in my life has been to face my fears. To declare loudly that Satan has no victory in my life. If you have been following along you know that our pond is the place of Logan’s accident. After it happened I went to the pond and prayed with my arms reached out at the edge of the water and asked God to help me and my family not fear the waters. I’ll be honest for me it’s been a bit of a challenge and some days are easier than others. But each day we go swim is a day of victory. It was a goal of mine to jump off the top of the pond swing this summer. I’ll be honest…… I’m a wimp when it comes to heights 😅 I don’t really enjoy most rollercoasters either….. I know judge away!!! So today after an incredible church service and a super hot afternoon I thought today was the day! The climb was quicker than I’ve ever climbed it … yes I’ve tried this jump before but couldn’t even make it half way or just past half way before I came back down. I admit I was up there for about a half hour before I asked my husband to help me… also the best picture of who he is. Always supporting me, helping me and pushing me past my limits in so many great ways. As I sat there I prayed for God to give me the strength to jump and Philippians 4:13 was repeating in my mind. Then I did it!!! I MADE THE JUMP!!!!!!!!!!!!! I came up from the water trembling and swam to shore just thinking how great it felt to tell Satan I will not fear…I will fight with God’s strength… YOU HAVE NO VICTORY in my life! Don’t let fear stop you from experiencing the joy that God has for you! 💜🐓🦋

I Am The Church!

I don’t know why God writes the way he does and sometimes I want to be his biggest critic, and think he’s a real shitty

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The Bigger Plan

Today’s devotional hit hard in my Heart. After Logan’s accident I chose not to ask for all the details surrounding it. I had to know

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Death Isn’t Final

Death…. It seems so scary and final right? Well only if you don’t have the hope that’s found in Jesus. I’ll be honest before Logan’s

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