Grief is Good

I saw this in the bathroom today and thought what I’m the bleepy-de-bleep-bleep is that? And then I realized it was one of those mosquito eating bugs…. A good guy…. Then it kind of hit me. That’s sort of what grief is too. I know what you’re thinking Michelle there is nothing good about grief, how can you say that? Trust me I understand and have had those thoughts too….. I’m not saying grief is something you can walk through like “it ain’t no thaaaaang” it’s hard, it sucks, I HATE it. However, I think it can be good for us. It makes us stop and smell the Roses a little longer, it gives us this gut punch of reality to what’s actually important. It makes us understand that without God and hope and faith we couldn’t walk through grief the same. I guess in a way I’d say grief sucks but the good guy is God picking you back up, lifting your chin high, holding your hand, wiping the tears from your face, hugging you so tight… at first grief is a shock just like seeing a gigantic bug. It sometimes makes you scream, sometimes it makes you afraid… but after the fright wears off and you realize it’s actually one of those good bugs…. It gets a little easier to brush your hair next to it. Again, im not saying this is easy because it can still be incredibly painful, scary…. All the things. But I think over time you can look back on the grief and see how there was so much good in it too. I have never felt more close to God than I do now and that’s good. 💜🦋🐓

I Am The Church!

I don’t know why God writes the way he does and sometimes I want to be his biggest critic, and think he’s a real shitty

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The Bigger Plan

Today’s devotional hit hard in my Heart. After Logan’s accident I chose not to ask for all the details surrounding it. I had to know

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Death Isn’t Final

Death…. It seems so scary and final right? Well only if you don’t have the hope that’s found in Jesus. I’ll be honest before Logan’s

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