Satan Is Powerless

Have you ever stopped to think about this… satan has to ask God for permission to attack? Flip your Bible pages to Job and you can clearly see every time Job was attacked satan went to God first. You know why he has to ask permission? Because satan is POWERLESS!!! He’s like that little Chihuahua barking at your ankles and he might bite you and it may hurt but he can’t kill you. That bite mark might be there for a while, it might bleed for a bit but in time it will heal and you may even have a scar from it. The best part about that picture is you can punt a chihuahua across the room! (Yes I’ve picture this a few times and got a good giggle out of it)

Now you may ask why would God grant satan the authority to attack? I think the question you should ask is why would satan want to attack in the first place? Both God and satan can see things you can’t. They can see who you are inside better than you can. Satan knows your strengths and weaknesses better than you do but not better than God does. Remember God made you and knows every hair in your head, if you don’t have hair on your head he knows every atom in your body! He made them! Satan doesn’t care whether you’re on the mountain top or the valley he’s on the prowl with little dog syndrome ready to attack anyone and everyone. No one and I mean no one is off limits. Sometimes his bites don’t hurt and sometimes it’s the kind of bite that stings and bleeds and makes you think you might need a rabies shot. Sometimes those wounds get infected but thankful they can heal too. (Dog saliva is gross. They lick their butts. Think about satan licking his butt that’s another good chuckle) Now why does God allow really awful circumstances in your life? Really I think this is a question a lot of us ask and here’s my take. God knows you, he knows your heart, he knows your strength, he knows everything. He also gives you the tools to heal all wounds just like a doctor knows how to heal your dog bite infection. Depending on the wound type and if there’s an infection that develops determines the care regime the doctor will prescribe…Sometimes our healing is just as simple as a bandaid but sometimes the healing process takes longer and is more painful.

We have a choice in every circumstance that is presented to us. We can choose to not let our circumstance cripple us, not let that dog bite take our ability to walk. To rise stronger than before. We can also let the bites destroy us, anger us, defeat us but when we do that we forget to see that bite was just from a little Chihuahua.Please trust me when I say I am walking a journey unlike anything I’ve walked before. The pain is real, it’s deep and it’s the kind that will take a long time to heal with the most proper care. I trust in my physician God. The ultimate healer. I don’t know why and I don’t want to. I think when I start to ask those questions that is letting satan win. That would be me thinking my plans are greater than Gods and I know that to be 100 percent untrue. The closer I get to Jesus, the closer I get to Logan and I can’t tell you enough how close I want to be to her. So I will seek the face of Jesus every day of my life so I can be closer to them both. Because of Logan… I can walk in faith stronger than I have with a deeper clarity of who Jesus is and with the utmost confidence that I will one day hold my sweet bogie do again. 🐓💜🦋

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