It’s Ok To Be Happy

Making memories without Logan is hard. I know whatever we’re doing she would have had so much fun too. I feel guilty trying to have fun when my heart is still in a million pieces. It’s such a weird spot to be in. Our lives here on earth didn’t stop when Logan’s did and we have to somehow move on and make life enjoyable until we can see her again. I constantly remind myself that she is free and it’s ok to find joy again. It also doesn’t mean I’m moving on and forgetting her. I carry her with me every step of my day. I love to honor her any way I can and I think When we find joy and making new memories we are honoring her. I think she’d be so sad to find out that we stopped living too. God also didn’t bring us this far to abandon us. He’s always been here and to prove it he gave us Logan in the first place. For 2.5 years she was loved beyond measure, she laughed so much, she was able to be her wild self, she went on so many adventures, helped raise chickens, make pillow ponds with her sisters, ate yogurt bites in her birthday suit on the couch, watched frozen 2 on repeat, sang songs, and so so so much more. Life after loss is hard, but I’m learning with each step we take focusing on truth and the goodness of God that life after loss can still be beautiful. 💜🐓🦋

I Am The Church!

I don’t know why God writes the way he does and sometimes I want to be his biggest critic, and think he’s a real shitty

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The Bigger Plan

Today’s devotional hit hard in my Heart. After Logan’s accident I chose not to ask for all the details surrounding it. I had to know

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Death Isn’t Final

Death…. It seems so scary and final right? Well only if you don’t have the hope that’s found in Jesus. I’ll be honest before Logan’s

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