Celebrations Aren’t the Same Without You

Hope through the hurting isn’t always easy. It’s a choice I have to make every single day. With God holding the weight I can take each step. Some days the load is heavy some days it’s lighter but what doesn’t change is Gods goodness. He is still the same in my pain and in my triumphs. Last year I was holding my baby tight watching our fireworks display. This year I celebrated holding Logan tight in my heart. Some days the reality of her in heaven still seems so far away but the pain of her absence is so real. I sometimes still catch myself thinking why. I still don’t understand. But I’m learning to trust God completely. I’m not trying to put my own twist to his plan because if I’m being honest this plan completely sucks. However, I know he is a good God and I know Logan touched so many lives and is continuing to do so in heaven. Sometimes I also catch myself so jealous of her in heaven too. She’s so free! On a day when we celebrate the freedom we have here in the USA I’m reminded of how heaven has even better freedoms! Knowing she’s in eternity where I’m also striving to be gives me hope that gets me through another day. I wish I could see a glimpse of heaven with Logan in it but God has given me signs he is with her and they are doing great. The pain in my heart is all the love I have for her and it’s deep. Because of Logan I can keep moving forward, having hope through the pain knowing I will see her again soon and that she’s doing Gods work in heaven now. 💜🐓🦋🇺🇸

I Am The Church!

I don’t know why God writes the way he does and sometimes I want to be his biggest critic, and think he’s a real shitty

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The Bigger Plan

Today’s devotional hit hard in my Heart. After Logan’s accident I chose not to ask for all the details surrounding it. I had to know

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Death Isn’t Final

Death…. It seems so scary and final right? Well only if you don’t have the hope that’s found in Jesus. I’ll be honest before Logan’s

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