Our Mission

On May 28, 2021 Logan Grace Fox went to Heaven and we are honoring her life and spirit through the Because of Logan charity fund. 

Honoring the life of Logan, through swim safety awareness, education, training and support of families who have endured a loss through childhood drowning.

Our Story

How do you start off a story that’s so incredibly painful to write or read for that matter? I know this has been coming but it’s all so hard to say and relive too. This story didn’t effect just my family but other families too… School had just let out and we were set to attend an award ceremony for my oldest daughter at her school. I wanted it to feel special for her without distractions and so we could focus on her… being the oldest of 4 sometimes it’s hard to be the center of attention for a bit. So I did what I did 2 days prior when my daughter Grey also had an award ceremony for school, I asked my dear friend to watch our kids so we could attend the ceremony. Hair curled, dress on, I was ready. My husband left a little earlier than I did, I stayed behind to chat a little. Women like to do that ya know… 5:15 came and I went out the door not thinking twice about anything. I arrived at school and ran across Grey’s teacher and thanked her for such an incredible year and went and took a seat in the auditorium. It felt like a few minutes had passed when I looked down at my phone and noticed a distress text from our friend. 911. Logan. I ran out and called to find out that our sweet Logan went to our backyard pond and drowned. The ems team was there working on her and there were also some police officers present. I ran back to tell my husband there was an emergency with Logan and we had to go. We rushed out of school to the hospital. Knowing nothing about her condition we got there as fast as we could. They told us they took her to a different hospital because of the trauma. We knew it wasn’t good. We sped to the other hospital and waited for her arrival. We got there before she did and that was another gut punch. When she arrived at the hospital she had no pulse but the emergency room workers didn’t give up. My husband and I fell to our knees and prayed like never before. God, please don’t take my baby was all I could say over and over again. Our pastor arrived and we all prayed. There, she did get a pulse! Hallelujah!!!  We thought this was the miracle we were praying for! They got her as stable as they could and sent her up to the pediatric unit. They did cat scans and x-rays before we could get in the room as well as placing lines in her hip to get an accurate blood pressure count. Along with the iv’s she was also hooked up to a ventilator. Her heart was beating from the Epinephrine in her iv. By the time we got to see her my baby had so many lines coming out of her and her body was cold. They put her on a warming bed and eventually was able to raise her temperature. I held her hand most of the night begging God to save her. Asking him to take my life instead. Pleading for a miracle. Many of our friends and family gathered to pray that night too. Strangers were praying for us… it was incredible to see. I told friends that I could picture Jesus in her room wiping her face patting her head. I know he was there and she was never alone from the moment her body touched the water. I know he was with her even before then. The doctors read her scans and the swelling on her brain was immense. They said they typically saw that kind of swelling with head injuries that were two days old and the swelling was just going to get worse. They hooked her up to an eeg monitor to scan for waves of the brain. That sat so still all of the night. By morning we knew Logan was only staying “alive” with machines and she was destined for heaven. God placed that knowledge on both my heart and my husband’s heart. We told the doctors we were ready to say our goodbyes. Our pastor came in and prayed with us. I held my baby in the same hospital she was born in as her body slowly let go with my husband holding us both… that is the story of the worst day of my life.

Our Family

Zach and Michelle were married on December 27, 2014. They have 5 beautiful daughters, Ava, Greysen, Lennon, Ireland and sweet Logan who is in heaven.

Logan has a special relationship with each of her sisters. She left a Logan sized hole in all of our hearts the day she went to heaven, but we look forward to the day that we can run free with her in heaven. We miss her incredibly much and hope that by sharing her story her light continues to shine here on earth.

In July of 2022 our family welcomed Ireland Grace into our family! She has been the sweet healing honey we all needed!





Ava loves to be creative. You can catch her deep in a drawing or working on her  next creation of some sort. Ava has a deep love for animals, volleyball and the color teal. She is the best big sister to her 3 younger sisters and loves to help in the kids ministry at church. Ava is always willing to help whenever she can, she has a big heart and is full of compassion. She has aspirations of being a veterinarian when she's older! 


We call her Grey, she loves LOL dolls, fashion, and is the most competitive of the girls. She loves sports just like her big sister, she loves to see how strong she can be like her mom and she loves to win like her dad! Grey is wise beyond her years and is so caring. She loves to have fun and has the coolest birthday! (July 4th)


Lennon is our wild child! She brings a spark to the family that can not be matched. She loves to swim, color and chase our chickens around. She hates shoes and brushing her hair but her carefree spirit is inspiring. She can rock a pretty sparkly dress with pajama pants like no one else! Her laughter is full of joy and she is kind and sweet. She loves to make anyone laugh and her bright smile lights up a room.


Logan has a little piece of each of her sisters. She loves animals, loves to run with her sisters & hates brushing her hair. She enjoys running around our backyard in her birthday suit & making pillow ponds in the living room. Logan made our family feel complete. She was the only one to have blue eyes, blonde hair, big ears & glasses just like her dad! We laugh that she could fall asleep anywhere, even in the middle of the yard when we were building our chicken coop!